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hello everybody out there .... i am anil and i am new to jnode. i downloaded the source code from sourceforge. i am a college grad and i like programming. i would love to be a part of jnode development. can anybody out there help me or better be my mentor in setting up the proper environment for me to run jnode and also in understanding it better ?

welcome to JNode

Hi anil and welcome to JNode Smiling

Have you clicked on the Start here! button (on the top of the JNode web site) ?
That will show you a page with many links for setting up your environment depending on which IDE & emulator you want to use.

If you need live help, you can also go to the JNode irc channel (serveur: , channel:


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jnode testing

hi fabien,
i currently have virtual pc installed on my system. but i came to know jnode is not currenlty supported on virtual pc. no problem i will get vmplayer for that. as i m new to jnode, can u please provide me some documentation for understanding it from ground up and i think if there is any team like testing in jnode project i am very eager to join that group which will make me understand jnode far better....


You can find documentation in the following places :

  • On JNode site, by clicking on the Documentation button (on top of the pages)
  • in svn (sub project JNode-Docs)


my blog (in english and french)