Google summer of Code 2007

This year we started to think about Google SoC too late. So, I would like to be ready in time for the next one.
For more informations about Google Soc, you can have a look here.

There is some example of possible projects in this TODO list.
But you can propose other projects.

Please reply to that post if :
- you want to be a mentor on a sub-project for JNode
- you are a student that want to work on a sub-project for JNode
- you want to propose other sub-projects for JNode

Summary :

  • Students :
  • Mentors :
    • Fabien DUMINY (me)
    • jpg
    • Trickkiste
    • Peter
    • lsantha
  • Projects :
    • osgi
    • open GL/3D support
    • support for sound blaster & compatible cards
    • adding more commands
    • integrate grub (2)
    • profiling support for JNode
    • porting PearColator to JNode
    • finish jikes opt integration
    • continue Isolation support
    • integrate CHARVA in JNode
    • write SWT peers for JNode
    • bluetooth support & implementation of JSR 82
    • improved font support
    • device drivers for various hw: network card, video card, usb devices
    • generic SVGA video driver
    • javax.comm support, serial/paralel port
    • write support for NTFS/ISO9660
    • FAT formatter
    • EXT2 FS review & extensions

you will find more details in the replies

New to this site and would like to contribute

I am new to JNode. I have graduated with a Master Degree in Computer Science last year. I would like to contribute to JNode as follows:
* I would like to add more commands to JNode.

Any useful suggestions to a newcomer are appreciated. I would be happy to listen to people's suggestions.

thanks everyone

Welcome at JNODE ;-)

Obviusly we need support from all.Somegeek,Come on IRC channel.


JNode not accepted :-(

Hi all,

I am very disappointed. Google published the list of accepted organisation and we are not in the list Sad
I wonder why they have not choosen us and would like them to explain their reasons.

Students, please stay here : we still need your help.
You won't be paid but, if you want, you can still work on the project(s) you have choosen. We can only give you some credits for your work.


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no problems Fabien. I will

no problems Fabien. I will work for Jnode project in the summers and try to be in contact with the group

a pity but go on

I've seen the list of orgs. It's a pity really:( But eveything is going on. Most people are interesting in Jnode first. In the those days, I'm busy in some major's research. I'll postpone some osgi works(And I will not join this year's soc). I've become interesting in Grub2 related works now. Because, I'm interesting to generate a minimal bootimage of jnode recently. But I've just guessed out the partial mechanics of bootimage generation. I hope to do some discusses with your veterans to reduce the time:)
I'm busy in some phd work in those days. I'll contact with you soon. sorry for my lateness.


want to join as a student

I want to join the project as student. can i help in adding more tools and commands like dd, nc, tail, head. I am also interested in the integration of grub 2.


contact us on irc

You can contact us on irc to be better know you and discuss about projects.

From my point of view, grub 2 will be the most usefull among what you want : that will open JNode to new platforms like PPC.

That's our irc :
server :
channel :


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JSR 82 : Bluetooth support

I know i'm late but perhaps we can add bluetooth support and implementation of JSR 82. By the way, if i can help, i'm free.

My 2 cents,

Fabien L.

the Networking PROTOCOLS

The HTTP,FTP,RMI-IIOP,SNMP and many Open protocols we need to implement for making the networking facility for Jnode will be more applicable in the Networking not it???

Tango devian

Want to join as a STUDENT

I want to join as student....

Want to be a student

I'm interested in being a student.

How about updating documentation for a project, that would greatly help us out.

list of sub-projects

If you want to propose a sub-project, please reply here and put its description.


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project topics

- improved font support
- device drivers for various hw: network card, video card, usb devices
- generic SVGA video driver
- javax.comm support, serial/paralel port
- write support for NTFS/ISO9660
- FAT formatter
- EXT2 FS review & extensions
- disk partitioning tool

Reagrds, Levente

write SWT peers for JNode

That idea was submitted by surfeit.

The idea is to write SWT peers for JNode instead of relying on SWTOnSwing project (whose goal is to implement a SWT layer based on the Swing layer).

Doing that way (writing SWT peers that rely on JNode "native" interface) should give better performances but it's a hard task.
So, the required skills are :

  • a good knowledge of SWT, SWT peers interface (mandatory)
  • JNode graphic (maybe also keyboard & mouse but I am not sure) drivers interface (recommanded but you will get help from JNode community)


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integrate CHARVA in JNode

Sometime ago, I submitted that task.

The goal is to have the original/unmodified jars from CHARVA and to write an adapter for JNode so that we can easily benefit of new versions of CHARVA.

Here is the identified steps :

  • study CHARVA source code and its interface with native code
  • think about the needed adapters (with console, mouse, keyboard, ...) for integration in JNode
  • write the adapters

Important information : there is already an older (more than 2 years) version of CHARVA in JNode. The problem is that's a modified version and we don't know what has been modified from the original.


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Other ideas

I want to add some ideas too:

The profiling stuff millisecond started with could be an interessting project (millisecond you're a student? Smiling). Something like: Add profiling support for execution time and allocation counter for _complete_ JNode.

Porting PearColator to JNode. This could be an interessting project too, especially there's much room for improving PearColator. But before someone picks that up we need to have a deeper look at PearColator first. I'm not sure if PearColator can be used without a working jikes opt compiler.

Very very hard tasks could be: Finish jikes opt integration and continue Isolation support in JNode. But for those one needs allready very good knowledge of JNode (and jikes). And as another (simple) project we could make a list of little commands that need to be implemented for SoC.

integrate grub 2

Until now, we are using using grub 1.

grub 2 can be found here.
It offers many things like multi-plateform support, graphical interface, modularity ...

Maybe there is also interesting stuff for JNode around their Multiboot protocol (look at grub2 home page)


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Very nice motivation !!

ys...Grub2 is a very nice motivation....thanks

Adding More Commands

How adding more commands:
copy or cp
clear or cls

I realize that there may be other commands too that we would like, but these where just a few I could think of.

We need more JNode Admin's Level Commands

We need to do soon some more that will help the Admin's work with Jnode.We need some Network Administration Commands also for to support them with Jnode...

mail--->to send a mail over a network
setIp()-->to set up a IP address for his machine
getIP()-->to getting IP from the another machine over the network.


and some for Desktop admin like "gnu make " , but here we need more easy way to install some JAR's within the Syatem.We can use JNLP for that.

add sound blaster support

since almost or all sound card are compatible with sound blaster, it would be great to support sound blaster & compatible cards in JNode.


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add open GL/3D support

Even if some people think it's too early to support 3D, why someone couldn't try to study the 3D support in JNode right now ?

Some know open GL-java mapping libraries :
- GL4Java (
- JGL ((
- JOGL (

Of course the above libraries are high level libraries : the low level part like a driver for rendering open GL in JNode with the graphic card is still to be done.

That's not really 3D but a java2D implementation that use open GL for faster rendering : agile2d (


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What about

What about Mesa?

good idea

yeah, good idea but we won't use it as is since it's in C/C++.
but that may be of some help for how to access open gl functions of graphics card.


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integrate JDistro in JNode

JDistro ( is a desktop wrote in pure java that would be cool to have since it is complementary with JNode.

You can contact Guillaume Desnoix or gcollin for more informations about JDistro. There were some discussion about that on JNode web site.

Maybe that should be part of some Google SoC project for JDistro whose goal is to first make JDistro work with GNU Classpath (see here).


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licensing issues

unfortunately, JDistro is GPL and JNode LGPL. So, there is licensing issues Sad.

I will try to contact the author to see if they want to relicense JDistro to a LGPL compatible license ...


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Compatible License List of JNode?

maybe it is nice to list the compatible license in some where.

good idea

Yeah, good idea !
But I am not a lawyer and don't know well all the license stuff.

Since we don't have a specific license, maybe there is some web page that list the compatibilities between licenses.


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study OSGi as the new JNode plugin system

Until now, JNode use its own plugin system based on the previous one from eclipse (now, eclipse use OSGi).

I think the 2 difficult parts are :
- the boot part of JNode that should setup the core of the OSGi framework
- the new plugin system should keep the same function as the current system

It would be better if we can use (completely or partially modified) and switch between the following existing OSGi implementations :

  • oscar
  • felix
  • equinoxe (the eclipse implementation of OSGi)

here is some discussions about that subject :


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Integrate Hotspot

Integrate Hotspot into JNode. Wouldn't it be great to have a world class JIT that has been improved by full time developers for the last ten years?

Not possible

I'm afraid that's not really possible. Hotspot is written in C, so we would need to port it to Java. But we don't need Hotspot anyway, there's something in the pipeline that is comparable to Hotspot. But I don't want to bespeak to much yet, you'll see it (hopefully) soon Smiling


Peter you have been teasing us with this better than HotSpot talk? When are you going to spill the beans Smiling


I said "comparable" not "better" Smiling Anyway, just have a look at the svn repository *hint* branch *hint* Eye-wink

But there's still lack byte code verifier

But there's still lack byte code verifier, almost the same case for most of open source VM implementations.

list of students

If you will still be a student when Google Soc 2007 will happen, please reply here.


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development for NTFS/FAT/EXT2 support

I wish to work on one of the following projects as a SoC participant.

1 Write Support for NTFS/ISO9660
2 FAT formatter
3 EXT2 FS Extensions

I have a few ideas which i wish to discuss with a mentor.

Want to be a student

I would like to be a student and get involved in the development ... I also have an idea for the SOC ... can I have some mentor, with whom I can discuss it ...

Thank you,
Kulbir Saini,
Computer Science And Engineering,
IIIT Hyderabad.

Home-Page -


Sure, your best bet is to join our IRC channel. There you have a large choice of developers to talk with Eye-wink

I'd like to try too

I'd like to do some works of jnode dev in SoC 2007: osgi, graphics driver, swt and windows/desktop(Basic Idea is to run Eclipse under jnode. If this done, jnode is ready for daily using). The beginning of coding is May 28, it is too long to make more jobs done. So, I just add a placeholder here:)
PS: Would some mentor like to dicuss something about these topics before SoC? IRC seem not very responsive, and I'm not always get into the IRC room.

eclipse & osgi

Hi Jin,

In the SoC FAQ, they say that's possible to start coding before. So, you are not forced to wait for May 28. The only requirement is mainly to finish in time.

As you probably know, eclipse is based on osgi and SWT. For SWT, someone else work on SWTOnSwing project and tried it in JNode iirc (I don't remember its name nor the current status).

For osgi, it sounds you are very motivated for doing it and I will support you because I believe it's a good idea to have that for JNode.
Moreover, in your mail, you make me a bit impressed because you seems to have precise idea and a kind of roadmap.

A prototype for jnode-osgi is good because some points should be clarified :
- is it really appropriate for JNode or not ? Especially, I think about many things that could potentially be broken in JNode ( at least after a first try)
- don't we restrict JNode by some ways for future needs ?

If you are still ready for jnode-osgi, why not starting right now ?

You can contact me by mail Eye-wink


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received my email?

have you received my email? I wroten something but seem on reaction. How do your think about my questions and ideas?

this summer

I will (still) be a student this summer. Pending the exam schedule I can not totally promise I will have time for SoC but I sure am interested.

My current private JNode projects are:

- implementing cursors (with blurs and alpha blending)
- implementing VNC support

Regarding SoC 2007

I am student and will be student until Summer 2007. I wanted to be involved in This OS design project. I have experience in OS and Kernel Designing. Experience in Device driver Writing. Let me know How can i contribute in this Open source project.

Thank you.

Tushar Dave

list of mentors

Please reply here if you want to be a mentor.

I propose myself as a mentor but I hope I won't be the only one Smiling


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I can do a mentor too ;)

I can do a mentor too Eye-wink

tips for being a good mentor

I found that good article


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I can be a mentor too if needed and a suitable project will begin.
In any case I would like to have a chance to review the code before commits.
Regards, Levente

I'd like to join


I'd like to join the mentors team.


If I can help, I could be a

If I can help, I could be a mentor too.