Can u make a image for vmware player?

I have vmware player and i want to use jnode on it! I have amd64 if this matter! Thnx for ur listen

We have vmware player support

Hi Cran,

Please have a look at the release files, e.g. here. You can download the vmx file and the iso file. The vmx file is for direct use in vmware-player, it is thought to start the iso file.

It does not matter if you have a amd64, though the iso uses 32bit, which works on amd64 too. If you prefer the 64bit port of JNode you should build JNode from source with "build.(sh|bat) cd-x86".

Hope that helps,

VMware VMX File Builder

I just wanted to add to your post that there is a great & easy VMX File builder available for VMware Player. I had found it the other day while reading the post at: How to Create VMX Files for VMware Player using the free VMX Builder

The above mentioned post show you how to use the tool to create new virtual machines & VMX File for VMware Player using a free tool. I hope that help answer your question Smiling.