Creation of a Device I/O API in OpenJDK

I've read this post in the openjdk-discuss mailing list : Project Proposal: Device I/O.

It's particularly interesting since we already have such API in JNode Eye-wink (even if the scope might eventually be a bit different)

OHCI driver

I've started working on an OHCI driver.
This is going to be a generic host controller driver for all USB 1.1 controllers of the OHCI type.

Error in jnode installation

please help me to solve this error

for your reference please find the attachment

Porting JNode to Raspberry Pi

Hi everybody !

I'm planing to port JNode to the Raspberry Pi micro computer (, it's a credit card size board with an ARM based CPU (ARMv7), a GPU, a network, 2 USB, AV IO, GPIO...

I think that it's a good idea to make a JNode clone for this wonderfull platform.

so can anybody give me an in depth detail on how JNode OS works, specially the Assempbly section, that is aimed for Intel based CPUs, instead of ARM CPUs.

King regards

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