Porting JNode to Raspberry Pi

Hi everybody !

I'm planing to port JNode to the Raspberry Pi micro computer (www.raspberrypi.org), it's a credit card size board with an ARM based CPU (ARMv7), a GPU, a network, 2 USB, AV IO, GPIO...

I think that it's a good idea to make a JNode clone for this wonderfull platform.

so can anybody give me an in depth detail on how JNode OS works, specially the Assempbly section, that is aimed for Intel based CPUs, instead of ARM CPUs.

King regards

Better late then

Better late then never.....

I would start by creating a new bytecode compiler to create ARM code for Java bytecode.
That can be tested entirely without access to the real hardware.

After that contact me for details on the low level assembly code. That part is pretty small and straight forward.