The Browser in Eclipse (instead of Firefox)


I think it's not really a problem, that Firefox is not usable (because it's not Java). The Browser what is inside of Eclipse is very good. I think it's a part of the SWT-library from IBM.

Yesterday I started the Apache Lenya CMS in Eclipse and it worked properly, even the Ajax & JavaScript-Stuff what the WYSIWYG-editor Bitflux is using works properly.

An alternative to SWT would be e.g.


Eclipse implies SWT

The Eclipse-based browser surely depends on SWT, and porting SWT to JNode would be a big job, I imagine.

The Lobo-Browser runs on Swing

all right, so there's the Lobo-Browser. It's based on Swing. I downloaded it and surfed with it a while. The HTML-rendering-engine of it needs some more help, but is already good. It can render Ajax-stuff and JavaFX.

NetBeans doesn't have a browser. So Lobo seems to be the best one for JNode.