Changes from JNode 0.2.4 to JNode 0.2.5


Openjdk integration, roughly 80% completed
Included standard javac and javap from openjdk
Targetting Java 6 compatibility
Build process migrated to Java 6
netcat command
Improved Image I/O support
Improved build process (parallel build using fork)
Included BeanShell and Rhino (JavaScript) as scripting languages
(encouraging results with Jython, Kawa (Scheme), JRuby 1.0 and Scala)
Improved Eclipse support
Nanosecond accurate timer
Started JNode installer (grub support)
Improvements in text consoles
Experimental via-rhine NIC driver
PXE booting support for via-rhine
ANT is getting usable
Improved support for mauve based tests
A mechanism for supporting the native keyword for arbitrary applications
Experimental support for isolates (static data isolation, access to fs/net/gui from isolates)
Various gc and memory management related improvements
Improvements to jfat and ext2 filesystems
Promising experiments with JPC running under JNode and running FreeDOS on the JPC/JNode stack
Support for transparency in the GUI
Many improvement to command execution and input/output streams of commands
Introduced 'proclets' - small programs running in the same isolate with their own in/out/err streams
Proper command line editing and input line history for third party command line based programs (like bsh, rhino)


Andrei Dore
Daniel Noll
Fabien Lesire
Fabien Duminy
Giuseppe Vitillaro
Levente Sántha
Michael Klaus
Martin Husted Hartvig
Peter Barth
Stephen Crawley
Tanmoy Deb