Changes from JNode 0.2.5 to JNode 0.2.6


More progress with OpenJDK integration
Wildcards support in shell
NTFS improvements
NFS2 read write support
Command shell improvements
Improved support for pipes and command completion
Experimental Bjorne shell implementation
Added support for JDBC drivers
Fixed object serialization
Support for prefrences API
Improved support for native methods
Code hotswapping support
Fixed DNS support
Included Jetty6, Servlet and JSP support
Read-only HFS+ file system
File System API refactoring & improvements
Experimental telnet server
Added CharvaCommander
Improved BDF font rendering

Contributors to this release

Levente Santha
Martin Husted Hartvig
Fabien Duminy
Fabien Lesire
Stephen Crawley
Daniel Noll
Andrei Dore
Ian Darwin
Peter Barth
Robert Murphey
Michael Klaus
Tanmoy Deb
GriffenJBS (jstephen)


Ewout Prangsma : he is the Father of JNode and he developed huge and given birth of all current major portions of JNode.