Changes from JNode 0.2.7 to JNode 0.2.8

progress with OpenJDK integration
class library updated to OpenJDK6 b13
JNode now builds  with both Java 6 SE and OpenJDK6+IcedTea
javac source level and target level raised to 1.6
introduced mauve based regression testing
improved isolate support
added isolate invoker
added Russian keyboard support
improved NTFS support
added HFS+ formatter
progress with Bjorne shell
improved modal dialogs
console & shell improvements
a large number of bug fixes and improvements in the overall system
aiming better Java compatibility, stability and performance
real world applications starting to work: Jetty + recent Servlet/JSP examples, 
   PHP with Jetty + Quercus, JEdit, Groovy

Contributors to this release
Levente Sántha
Fabien Duminy
Peter Barth
Martin Husted Hartvig
Stephen Crawley
Fabien Lesire
Daniel Noll
Tim Sparg
Stephen Meslin-Weber
Sergey Mashkov
Ben Bucksch