Changes from JNode 0.2.6 to JNode 0.2.7

Integrated the OpenJDK implementations of Swing and AWT
Improved java.awt.Graphics and Graphics2D
Improved BDF font rendering
Added VESA based frame buffer support
Added a frame buffer based console with custom backgrounds
Implemented software cursor support
Added a JPEG decoder
Various ImageIO improvements
Added a Samba file system (rw) and support for smb:// and nfs:// URLs
Replaced argument syntax and completion framework for shell commands
Converted existing commands to the new syntax framework
Added a configure tool for the JNode build environment
Various bugfixes to networking, memory management, math support, FAT support, and the core VM.

Contributors to this release
Levente Santha
Fabien Duminy
Peter Barth
Martin Husted Hartvig
Stephen Crawley
Fabien Lesire
Chris Boertien
Brett Lawrence
Daniel Noll
Jacob Kofod
Ian Darwin
Helmut Dersch
Stephen Meslin-Weber