Welcome to JNode.org, the website of the Java New Operating System Design Effort.

JNode is a simple to use & install Java operating system for personal use.
It runs on modern devices.

Any java application will run on it, fast & secure!

JNode is open source and uses the LGPL license.

Latest release:
JNode 0.2.8
Hardware requirements:
Pentium class CPU
512M RAM

see details

Preparing for release 0.2.9

JNode has been very quiet for a long time.
Now that we've revived it a bit, I think it is time to stabilize what we have an prepare a new release.
After that we can work on all kinds of new and exciting features.

We've noticed several issues with the IDE drivers. We at least want to fix those.
Please submit other issues that you think should be fixed shortly in our GitHub issue tracker.

Website update

As you can see, we've updated the style of the website to make it a bit more modern.
I hope this signals the beginning of a lot of revived activity for JNode.

Update: After 100K+ spam users managed to register on this site, we've closed registration for this site and we're trying to cleanup.
If you want to contribute, either reports issues on GitHub or contact me.

Porting JNode to Raspberry Pi

Hi everybody !

I'm planing to port JNode to the Raspberry Pi micro computer (www.raspberrypi.org), it's a credit card size board with an ARM based CPU (ARMv7), a GPU, a network, 2 USB, AV IO, GPIO...

I think that it's a good idea to make a JNode clone for this wonderfull platform.

so can anybody give me an in depth detail on how JNode OS works, specially the Assempbly section, that is aimed for Intel based CPUs, instead of ARM CPUs.

King regards

Patch for review and commit


I have built from the trunk (.29).
There were some things that did not work correctly. Smiling
I have fixed them and would like someone to review and hopefully commit the patch.

The patch implements:
48 bit ide lba addresses. 28 bit lba addresses were implemented but 48 bit was not and it is required for larger disks (> 137G) .
Extended partition tables were mostly there and just needed fixing.
Fixed an exception that sometimes caused the cd to fail to load while booting from the cd. The cause was that read atapi commands did not deal with padding.


how to get started for developing for JNode?

Hello & thanks for the good job in JNode project.
I'm a java developer searching for a good java OS project to contribute to. I just wanted to know what skills does JNode project needs to be able to develop and contribute to it. what CS topics i should be skilled in? Operating systems? or just only the java programming language?
I just wanted to ask what level of complexity is JNode code before downloading src code and trying it.
can you please give me guidelines on how to prepare myself and write my first contribution to JNode project?


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